Moeckel Schürmann Quartet  – Esmirallda (2019)

Thomas Moeckel: trumpet/guitar/vocals, Yuri Storione: piano, Dominik Schürmann: bass, Marton Yuhasz: drums

1. Just in Time (comp. by Jule Styne) 2. Relaxin’ with Niggi (comp. by Dominik Schürmann) 3. Whatever you want (comp. by Thomas Moeckel) 4. Pascal’s Trail (comp. by Dominik Schürmann) 5. Re-La-Do (comp. by Thomas Moeckel) 6. Time after Time (comp. by Jule Styne) 7. Coffee Cat (comp. by Dominik Schürmann) 8. Dwarf Steps (comp. by Thomas Moeckel) 9. Oblivion (comp. by Yuri Storione) 10. Uptown Song (comp. by Dominik Schürmann)

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